Twitter is now Introducing Tweets longer than 150 Words

San Francisco: Web site of social connections Twitter has announced to double the maximum number of characters in Twitter, while keeping the convenience of users.
The specific website for short-term messages on social media has triggered a slowdown of the users, in which the first line of characters for expressions is increased from 140 characters to 280.
Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, says a big change is being done in the messaging platform so that users can get the full opportunity to communicate and expressly express their doubts.
He said initially limited number of users would benefit from the new facility, but after experimental foundations it would be normalized. Using the new maximum number of characters (280 characters) for Jack Dessert’s Tweet, the company is optimistic to improve its services, with a glimpse of it’s small change.
Clearly, Twitter uses more people and organizations than other social network sites, but in a tweet only 140 characters limit prove to be difficult for users. That’s why Twitter could not get more popularity than Facebook and Instagram despite the serious forum.

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