Salman Khan is Married and Father of a Girl – OM SWAMI

Bollywood star Salman famous reality show ‘Big Boss’ season, 10 were out of Pandit Om Swami has claimed more slow married couple.
Famous reality su”bg Boss Season 10, removed the priest Swami new charges are imposed on Salman Khan and the priest Swami Om came to suffer a severe critic of Hindu culture husband and slow disease like AIDS but now they have a claim to another claim about the slow man.

Salman Khan film of the virgin who did not agglomeration despite numerous affairs wedding, but Indian priest Swami Om has slumyan marriage more is what pundits claim when it declared that Salman not only married the daughter the father, who is based in London. According to his family priest note about Salman’s marriage was deliberately being kept secret.
The subservient always controversy over Salman Khan ‘Bigg Boss’, but now he’s the season of the role Swami Om decay has decided to leave the hatchet when the channel Big Boss by management the closing ceremony of Pandit Om Swami prslumyan the call throws the bullies to boycott the show channel management had to take back his decision.

The Salman Khan are now to the end of the season hosted the Big Boss and receive more than 10 million an installment payment.

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