Salman Khan Injured Badly During Film Shooting

Bollywood Salman Khan tirelessly for the success of their films they had a night for looking their best performance but this time they were injured during the shooting of the film tube light, but their not back to work and shooting continued and the same thing happened to say that Salman Khan had committed a tukrlya ‘the true fulfilled.

Indian media reports Bollywood Salman Khan boxes of successful films at the office quite a hugely popular genre, but Salman Khan, her upcoming film ‘tube light, the Special Agent of them were injured during the shooting hurt, hurt after adakarshyh turprcl he could not, but he decided to film much theology because they continue shooting the actors ‘tube light during the shooting of’ pain are taking a variety of medications for kudurkrny but he would not prefer to relax.
They leave him before the actors of the two brothers arbazkan Sohail Khan, India’s leading program ‘enough Oudh were invited with Karan’ program was arbazkan Salman Khan rarely your work, Salman no one can stop me from working.
The Salman Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Tube Light’ will display in the main role in the film that Shah Rukh Khan.

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