Revolutionary Medicine That Protects Heart Attack and Cancer is now Prepared

New York: Scientists have developed a revolutionary injection of heart attack after many years of work, which can not only save millions of lives, but also keeps patients safe from lung cancer and other diseases.
It is clear that it has been a long time in the preparation of this injection, but for the past four years, it was tested over more than 10,000 people in 39 countries, which overwhelmed more than one thousand doctors. Early probe has shown that the risk of heart attack can be reduced by up to 25 percent once a patient is diagnosed in three months, and especially the lung cancer, joint pain, and the arthritis of arthritis. Quality also prevents gout.
Experts have called it a ‘revolutionary treatment’ in the end of heart disease and the drug is called ‘kina kanum’. For the past 30 years, cholesterol and heart-threatening people are eating static medicines, which affects diseases, heart disease and blood pressure, but millions of people worldwide, including Pakistan, are suffering from a hit-up every year. Blood pressure normal and cholesterol is absolutely good. In this way the need for new therapeutic methods is increasing and perhaps this injection will prove to be somewhat a solution to this problem.
A large number of experts think that the inside of the body, especially chest burns, may also have a prevalence of heart diseases. Although it is due to the immune system’s defense system when it removes blood cells in case of any injury and infection, it can be a sign of irritation of irritable veins.
This research has been done by Professor Paul Rider and Harvard Medical School professor, who has declared the third front of the fight against epilepsy. According to them, 20 years have been investigated in the preparation of this medicine, which proves that cholesterol does not have any problem in half the half-hearted patients. Therefore internal inflammation can be called the main cause of heart diseases.
Research was included in patients who were already victim of Heart Attack. When ‘Cana Cancum’ was given to those patients, he played an important role in reducing the body’s inflammation, and not only was he safe from other heart attack, but also decreased by other diseases like cancer and joint pain.
But the ‘Cana Canomb’ injection is very expensive and a company is preparing it. The price of one vaccine is Rs 13 lakh, and the salary of the year is equal to Rs. 50 lakh, but it is expected that its price will decrease in the next few years.

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