Peshawar Zalmi Wins PSL 2

Lahore: Pakistan Peshawar Zalmy in the final of the second edition of the Super League title wins in the class out to Quetta Gladiators radiators.
Gaddafi Stadium Limited has thus far played in Lahore, Pakistan Peshawar zlmy the biggest battle of sprlyg play before the allotted 20 overs with 6 wickets and 148 runs in Quetta Gladiators in radiators only 90 runs kynqsan from 58 lost.
Start Ahmed and Morne van innings from Quetta Gladiators radiators so Morne other over van out for a run comes to betting on Inam ul Haq third, after which he returned to the pavilion for just 3 runs return to the Quetta Gladiators radiators difficulties raise the ball in air in a cycle of strong short-hitting Hasan Ali ball in the fifth over when increased time that fielder abolished catch easily Ahmed’s innings, he scored a run.

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