Obama says the US is divided because ‘people are no longer talking to each other’

US President Barack Obama said he is worried that the way individuals expend news might add to the developing divisiveness in the nation.

“The greatest test that I think we have at this moment as far as this gap is that the nation gets data from totally extraordinary sources,” Obama said in a meeting with Rolling Stone distributed for this present week.

Obama recommended the base of the issue is that a few people just look to news sources that affirm their current political perspectives.

“Individuals are no longer conversing with each other; they’re simply involving their distinctive circles,” Obama said.

He additionally remarked on the multiplication of fake news — an issue that place Facebook in the last place anyone would want to be amid the race.

“In a web time where despite everything we esteem a free press and we don’t need oversight of the web, that is a difficult issue to fathom,” he said.

At to start with, Facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg expelled allegations that imposter news stories on the informal organization impacted the result the race. In any case, the organization later declared arrangements to cut off sites that create fake stories from its promoting system keeping in mind the end goal to keep them from making a benefit.

The president not long ago said fake news made “tidy billow of rubbish.”

Prior this month a BuzzFeed concentrate on demonstrated that few fake news stories on Facebook essentially beat stories from honest to goodness news sources in the days paving the way to the race.

Obama recommended one arrangement could be to make new plans of action that interest to a more extensive group of onlookers and makes a comprehensive exchange about issues, as opposed to seeking after pompous features.

“It’s making individuals overstate or say what’s most disputable or selling in the most horrendous of put-down or lies, since that draws in eyeballs,” Obama said.

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