Now Quit Smoking App is Here

‘(CigBreak Free) is a simple app occurs in a game which is playing at the highest cigarette break in less time. Each level to play at some point on the game ahead, but that process is complex and difficult to grow a cigarette break points while breaking a cigarette with a match even more.

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There is a srtykfyt also appeared on the successful completion of each level congratulated the play in which he would have to increase the capacity of your lungs while eating a health reward the good things smartphone screen Is.
This app’s main inventor and the Kingston has not said computer scientist, Hope Katun that it is only a game at the University but also more than 30 psychological techniques on how to change the thinking and its role in development different messages coming on the screen during the game and do unconsciously persuaded to stop playing repeatedly cigarette market.
Although the focus has been on the side of giving up smoking a few apps but this is the first app that’s built specifically for this purpose

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