Should Misbah Ul Haq Take Retirement?

When Misbah out to be the start of the match, then they rise from their seats at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the resonance between the plates, the generals of the defeated army, perhaps forever, he left the field.
Perhaps this may be the last team in Test cricket.
Pakistan won by 220 runs, Australia to win
Pakistan a target of 465 runs in 55 overs but
When I called them to the stage at the closing ceremony of the match again Sydney rocked the ground plates and the time it gave were not ringing just from the stadium seats, but Smith’s team and the England team also applauds was.
but why?

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The series already lost captain it was his worst series, as captain of this trip was a nightmare for him.
What should the team do?
The World Misbah, who captained Pakistan in seven matches since becoming champion now only win two matches. This is the third series that they have not created a century. But not even a half-century in the previous two series, but I think the team should not therefore retire.
England must go back to England because they are not who my role models. It was a symptom of the rest of the field is not England. They rode on nerves opponents very closely Misbah who did not. This time they stopped in England who did not stampede of modern cricket.
The Pakistan captain Misbah did not have the privilege to lead a team. Former captain were in a prison in England and Pakistan cricket had become the metaphor of shame around the world. Clarke, who was the wise counsel cricket returns to Pakistan, he had the man of the series at Lord’s refusal to shake hands with Mohammad Amir.

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Well, six years later, when the team came back to win the field were going to push up the ground the captain of Pakistan. Former England cricketers and all English fans were copied to push them up. British media that he was bound by the definitions of Pakistan was never praises Pakistan side for now.
The visit did long ago when Pakistan whitewash England in United Arab Emirates Guardian has named Misbah, most respected modern cricketer “.

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