Misbah Ul Haq Can’t be Director Cricket Pakistan

Lahore: PCB chairman Shahryar Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq director of cricket make dreams were left incomplete, appointed Rashid instead bring a former player versed in modern cricket, let the board chairman of the plan began to break the tail .
According to PCB chairman Shahryar Khan has always been an enthusiastic supporter of Misbah are, a few days ago he said that senior krktraaly qualified, honorable and dignified personality appreciated the services for the country’s captain of the national team the owner, cricket will submit their experience and knowledge of the position of director of cricket operations to take full advantage of them, Andrew astrus ECB has also been benefiting from the services in this manner.
Shahryar Khan resigned chairman of the chair so his departure before the plan began to break too early tail, the ECB from being exposed to modern cricket is appointed Andrew astrus had done for experience could help improve the performance of domestic and international levels, their age is currently 40 years, side by Misbah at the West Indies for the farewell series PCB another group of 64-year-old Rashid, director of cricket the old plan was to sit in the office.

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