Mahira Khan Took Rise of Social Media For the Promotion of Raees

Karachi: After excellent performances in Pakistan Bollywood film debut The actress mahrh Khan India situations of stress, because it can not promote his new film “prince” in India but they have started promoting the film himself.

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Bollywood is increasingly hdaytkarrahul Dholakia directed the film “prince” of publicity, film promotions are also central role to King Shah Rukh Khan along with the whole team, but mahrh The ban Pakistani artists in India Khan could not India for his upcoming film “prince” of publicity.

The film reports have found a solution to this issue, the actress will bhrpurshara Skype for film promotion where they number antruyuzdyn when they show up to promote strongly the film on social media websites. The film’s release the mahrh Khan songs kusmajy contact the site tuytrprsyyrkrcky jumdahun have been from love to.
The film mahrh Shah Rukh Khan’s wife are krdarnbharhy are aurdygrkast including Asif Nawaz Siddiqui and Abdul Ahad when the film would be released on January 25 this month

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