Coffee is Useful for Patients of Hepatitis and AIDS; Experts

Paris: Experts say there is a new increase in the list of lots of benefits, which means drinking now enough drinking benefits from hepatitis C and HIV (AIDS) patients, and they are far from pre-death death. Can stay
Before this, dozens of major studies and investigations have proved that many of them suffer from diseases, but now by studying new research, drinking three cups of daily daily daily can help to increase the life of hepatitis C and HIV patients. This research has been done in France.
The Paris-based University and a local hospital specialist conducted this survey in the supervision of Dr. Dominican Samon Sharon, whose details have been published in the Journal of Hepatology. Research showed that the risk of being affected by hepatitis C (HCV) in those who have a HIV / AIDS disease affects the liver severely. However there is an effective treatment for HCV.

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