Apple will replace your busted or lost AirPods for $69

In September, when Apple propelled AirPods, its new cutting edge remote earbuds, we asked: What happens when you lose one?

Presently we know, on account of a bolster record distributed by Apple on Thursday.

The AirPods accompany a one-year guarantee. Yet, in the event that they’re not under guarantee, Apple will charge $69 for a substitution on the off chance that it is broken or lost.

That ought to come as a help to Apple fans who were stressed that their $159 contraption would get to be distinctly pointless on the off chance that one section was lost.

The charging case can be substituted for $49 also, as per Apple. These repairs should be possible at an Apple Store, or Apple will charge $6.95 for delivery.

It merits bringing up that this substitution charge is almost $70 — a higher rate of the gadget’s unique cost than supplanting, say, an iPhone battery — and over double the cost of Apple’s standard, corded ‘cases. If you somehow managed to purchase everything independently, it would cost more than another combine ($187 versus $159).

In any case, for absent minded individuals who have as of now figured out how to arrange a couple of Apple’s cutting edge earphones, it’s still a pleasant signal from Apple.

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